Finance expert hints at big six Premier League clubs most likely to be sold: ‘It won’t be Man City or Chelsea’

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Kieran Maguire has suggested that clubs with American owners like Liverpool could be at greater risk of being sold.

The big six Premier League outfits faced a severe backlash in response to the attempted formation of a European Super League.

“In terms of which of the ‘big six’ is most likely to be sold, it won’t be Man City or Chelsea,” the finance guru told Football Insider.

“Their owners weren’t in it for financial gain to begin with. Therefore, you’ve got to look at the US-owned clubs like Liverpool.

“From their perspective, the owners have got to assess where the upside is in terms of the value of their club.

“If they now feel that that upside is not going to materialise, and given that their main focus is on the bottom line, then it’s got to make a sale more likely than it was this time last week.

“But at the same time, ‘more likely’ does not mean ‘likely.’

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Several fans have flocked to the Twittersphere to call for John W. Henry and co. to stand aside, though one might question the logic of requesting a change of ownership.

Considering the alternatives, if our fellow rivals are anything to go by, we’re unlikely to find more conscientious owners anywhere else.

Given FSG’s continued reluctance to part ways with Liverpool, however, despite a reported bid close to £2billion being issued from an unnamed party in the Middle East, it seems somewhat unlikely, at the current point in time, that our owners will cave.

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