(Video) Clip from 1994 predicting European Super League is an eerie watch

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A clip from the BBC archives in 1994 predicting the arrival of a European Super League in a decade’s time is a somewhat eerie watch given recent events.

Those predicting the inception of a breakaway league were admittedly off by over a decade, though it’s frightening to hear those interviewed discussing the increased irrelevancy of the fans in the football equation.

With it being recently reported that the likes of Liverpool in the ESL could have implemented a pay-per-view broadcast system to capitalise on fanbases it’s evident that much of the changes predicted have ultimately come to pass.

Fortunately, if recent events have taught us anything, it’s that the fans still wield considerable influence when acting in unison; a fact that we must continue to bear in mind in light of the proposed Champions League format changes, which hardly look a massive improvement.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of the BBC:

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