LFC’s record against ‘The ESL’ sides proves it’s our finishing against weaker teams that has cost us

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No side in the country has a better record against ‘The Big Six,’ or the sides who tried to form a European Super League, than Liverpool…

Everton have won more point, as the table in the above graphic shows, but have played two more games!

Never has the phrase, ‘Beat the dross and win the league,’ been more apt…

Our record and our finishing against the so-called weaker sides has been nothing short of appalling.

On the days we’ve scored goals, we’ve let them in as well, and on many an occasion, we simply haven’t…

At Anfield in 2021, we have scored four goals from 150+ shots, with both Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino in the top three underperforming players for goals v xG this season.

Mo Salah has been carrying their burden, but while it might get him a Golden Boot, it won’t get Liverpool anything – with the team now massive underdogs for the top four.

And the manner in which we threw away our lead at home to Newcastle, who are the worst side in the country against the Big Six bar Sheffield United, at the weekend, proves we don’t really deserve it anyway.