(Video) Graeme Souness smirks at Man United fans hurling abuse at him

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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has taken a pounding in recent days for his ignorant comments about protests by Manchester United fans against the ownership of their club.

But a video of the Scot, who was on punditry duty for Sky Sports at Old Trafford last weekend, has emerged online – and we absolutely love it.

Removing the context from the clip below – that being what United are protesting for, which we completely sympathise with – Souness smiling at the camera while being called a “Scouse c*nt” is absolute gold.

The former captain and manager of Liverpool has always been a lover of sh*thousery.

Take a look at the video below.

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  1. Souness was right. Neville and Carragher are utter hypocrites. The minority of militant supporters do not speak for us all.

  2. Souness should be congratulated for speaking the truth. He is not trying to be popular like Neville and Carragher. I think his comments have been fully justified in the above video. These so called protesters are thugs and louts and should have no place in sport. They should be charged for their disgusting and life threatening behaviour. I could be charged and fined for doing 31mph in a 30 but Neville and Carragher are making excuses for them. Very sad.

  3. I was very disappointed in Neville,Carragher, Keane and Richards who all refused to condemn the mindless idiots. Only the presenter Dave Jones and Souness came out of it with any credibility.

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