Liverpool fans react to FIFA’s controversial World Cup study

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Liverpool fans have reacted rather negatively to Tancredi Palmeri’s update on FIFA’s proposed study to explore the possibility of shortening the World Cup wait to every two years.

The suggestion does prompt a number of questions, not least of all what will happen to the European Championships.

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The fact that the organisation would attempt such a manoeuvre so soon after the backlash suffered against plans to form a European Super League is baffling, to say the least.

Premier League fans were vocal in their opposition to plans to form a breakaway Super League.

In the modern football landscape with all the insights that sports science offers, it’s difficult to understand how governing bodies could think about putting even more pressure on footballers.

Given that managers like Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have said that players are already feeling the strain of the current football calendar, introducing a World Cup every two years would hardly help matters.

It seems yet another decision that will be entirely fuelled by financial considerations, though hopefully one that won’t come to fruition, provided there is enough opposition.

You can see a range of reactions to the news below:

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