Journalist weighs in on Liverpool’s financial struggles under FSG: ‘Hard for Jurgen Klopp to sustain success’

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Kevin Palmer has claimed that Jurgen Klopp will find it difficult to “sustain success” at Liverpool under “FSG economics”.

The Reds have operated under a largely self-sustainable transfer model, with outgoings often at least partly funding transfers, which would appear to be the case once more with The Athletic reporting the club is hoping to raise £60m in player sales.

The high-profile departure of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona is a prime example of the Merseysiders utilising a sale to transform the squad, with the club purchasing both Alisson Becker and Virgil van Dijk.

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Following the financial impact of COVID-19, a number of outfits across Europe have been forced to curb their transfer plans.

Of course, there are always the outliers in the pack, with more money than sense, who can afford to keep the wheels turning as normal.

With Manchester United having already made a big-money move for Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho and rivals Manchester City linked with Jack Grealish and Harry Kane, questions continue to circulate with regard to what our transfer activity will look like.

With it remaining unclear as to whether we’ll be entirely reliant on player sales to commit to any transfer, Liverpool could be set for a very uncomfortable couple of months before the summer window closes.

It’s still early days, of course, with there not being a need to hammer the panic button just yet, but we can ill afford not to invest in the window, particularly following the exit of one of our most reliable starters in Gini Wijnaldum.

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  1. It’s disgusting the way FSG treat Liverpool football club. In order to make money and remain profitable, success on the pitch should go hand in hand with success off the pitch but these owners are not prepared to give Jurgen Klopp the necessary funds to strengthen and compete with the likes of City, Utd and Chelsea etc.

    We are valued 6th highest club in world football yet we act like a small club when it comes to competing for transfers. Why are we having to sell to buy? Do the clubs mentioned above have this policy? No. If the owners do not have the serious money needed to be pumped into Liverpool’s playing squad, then they should sell up to a benefactor who will put their money where their mouth is.

    The worst thing in football is that teams cannot afford to stand still, once you do, that’s it, success will become a thing of the past. It’s about time the owners realised this 100%.

  2. Liverpool are the 5th richest team in the World according to turnover and are expanding the Anfield Road stand to take capacity to 61,000. The Mainstand, AXA training centre and Annie Rd takes infrastructure spending to £200m, FSG don’t take dividends from any of their teams at all……… we have Redbird Capital onboard too, a midfielder and striker will do for me!!!.

  3. The level of pure ignorance from some liverpool fans is incredible. FSG have turned us into a powerful club, one of the most successful in the world, they’ve bought players according to their system of finding value and have done this across two different sports winning titles in both. Remember that they had zero experience in football ten years ago. This “Journalist” works for no one and has no idea how the club is being run. They bought the club ten years ago when we were close to adminstration and increased our value ten times over, won the biggest club trophies in the world, won the premier league for the first time in 30 years, built a new training ground, rebuilt Anfield, employed the greatest manager on the planet, given us incredible moments of joy, yet to some of you that isnt enough. You want them to overspend on one player who may not guarantee success. that isn’t our transfer policy at all and that wont change. Stop moaning and wake up, we have what all the other clubs want and they are spending money just to keep up with us.

  4. Gano1 – I agree completely with you that the owners have invested into the infrastructure at Anfield with the building of the main stand, the Anfield Road end and the AXA training complex in Kirkby and yes we will get the benefits of additional revenue once the Anfield Road end is rebuilt but this is off the pitch. On the pitch, it is so damn frustrating that we have a manager who is constantly having to try and find money to buy only when the next sale(s) is confirmed to make signings. As an example, the likes of Salah/Mane/Firmino will not go on forever and we need a quality striker to come in and eventually replace these guys. If it was me, I would go and try and get a Haaland. He is young, I think he would love to come to the Premier league and is a top quality striker who will guarantee you goals and for the best part of his career. But FSG won’t sanction this due to his price and probably Chelsea or someone else will. There lies the frustration as I think he would want to play for Klopp. The other huge frustration is that we keep players that should have been sold by now, ie the likes of Wilson, Grujic, Origi yet we still persist in keeping players who are not good enough.

  5. Look FSG may not be the richest, but they have brought us out of a doldrum spell and invested heavily in both Stadium, Training facility and Players and have a Manager in place that everyone trusts. Can we afford a £100 million pound player … No, but they are not scared to splash the cash when they need too, and I am pretty sure they would not of sold Coutinho or Suarez if they didn’t say they wanted to go!
    I would much prefer to be successful like we were last year with a team developed over 3 years together, then win the League because of millions have been thrown at the club by oil rich playboys who would use the club as a toy rather than a business that the fans love.

  6. Once the foundation (off field work) has finished, that’s when we’ll reap the rewards of being an empire, but the foundation has to be laid first. Be patient folks, it takes time to build an empire.

  7. Nick!………..I hear you bud and I agree we should not wait to sell players before buying players we have agreed we want, they should get the players in pronto and sell players as and when necessary to balance the books.
    I was surprised we let Patson Daka go to Leicester City, he was an FSG type of signing for sure, Haaland or Mbappe are both young enough to develop at Liverpool too, with Nike holding the Aces regarding Mbappe, Lebron James and Liverpool (all Nike sponsored). I believe such a deal is very possible particularly as Redbird Capital are onboard with FSG………next year Real Madrid & Barcelona will have money to spend, we should strike now!.

  8. Yep, I agree Gano…if we could somehow get an Mbappe/Haaland, it would say to the likes of Utd, City, Chelsea etc that Liverpool mean business in the transfer market and that we are hear to complete for the major trophies as well they are. Also, it can just take one world class signing to re-energise some of our players.

    We are linked with Renato Sanches, thought he was one of the stand out players for Portugal at the Euros and I think he would be more an adequate replacement for Gini even though I was gutted to see Gini leave. Patson Daka, like you say, he would have been a good signing so just hope we have a top quality striker lined up, someone who can come in and the drop off in quality is not a great deal when compared to say Mane or Salah.

    But yes, we need to strike early if we are going to (hopefully) bring in the one or two quality players in key positions we need before the usual clubs mentioned try and strike or as you say, the likes of Real or Barca do. Here’s hoping we have a good season anyway mate.

  9. Couldn’t agree more Nick, the ‘new breed’ of fan looking at the likes of state owned play things Citeh and Chelski and creating the big green monster. The problem isn’t spending enough, its the pure greed and expecting to spend 100’s of millions every window. What ever happened to coaching a team to succeed and not flashing around blank cheques. Its killed football as we knew it. So called Liverpool fan sites constantly posting negative TRIPE…

  10. Letting Daka go to Leicester was a big mistake! He was the best replacement for one of our front two in particular!

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