Exclusive: Jose Enrique calls out fans over social media abuse: ‘With a fake profile, they can tell you anything’

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Jose Enrique has backed former Liverpool star Gini Wijnaldum over social media abuse, suggesting that social media platforms could better identify abusers if users are required to issue ID to have an online presence.

This follows from the Dutch international’s comments regarding abuse suffered from a minority of fans online.

“It doesn’t affect me, but I am a little surprised Gini would come out and speak about these messages he’s received on social media,” the former Red told Empire of the Kop.

“I agree with him that it’s something that shouldn’t be there. I believe it’s very difficult and that the clubs could do something.

“With social media – and I’ve said this for many years – you should have to provide your passport, or an ID, like you would do with your accounts.

“Right now, anyone can comment anything and they can say whatever they like in the moment – with a fake profile, they can tell you anything.”

The 30-year-old midfielder has since made a switch to the French top-flight with Mauricio Pochettino’s Paris St. Germain.

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The use of ID would almost certainly stamp out social media abuse, as those responsible for online platforms will be able to identify and punish harmful behaviour online.

There’s no question that the lack of a suitable contract from the Liverpool hierarchy played a defining role in Wijnaldum’s decision to run down his contract at Anfield.

Nonetheless, it’s vital that the former No.5’s experience with online abuse isn’t undermined and taken seriously by those caretakers responsible for looking after the integrity of social media platforms.

Forcing users to issue ID in order to maintain an online presence would be a strong first step in the right direction to abolishing harmful behavior online.

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  1. As much as I agree with Enquire and this article, providing ID, such as passports is not a viable option for two reasons.

    Firstly, providing ID or passports, under various regional and continental laws, is complicated and unfeasible according to many social media companies. To implement such a system would make them liable for many counter suits for breaking privacy and data protection regulations.

    Secondly, with cyber hackers and ransomware on the rise, providing your private information to social media companies wouldn’t be the safest option, and again the reason why social media companies are hesitant.

    Ideally, a data protection act or law, whereby the individuals countries are custodian’s of such data. i.e. national ID’s are viable options, but again brining up more questions than answers…

    BUT, I do whole heartedly believe the social media companies are responsible and are negating from implementing a safe social platform.

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