‘Wow’ – Rio Ferdinand shares concerns with Liverpool squad ahead of impending campaign

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Rio Ferdinand has shared his concerns regarding Liverpool’s impending campaign, suggesting that the club’s current options won’t be sufficient.

The Reds are thought to remain interested in adding a new midfield and forward to the ranks, though financial circumstances (not to mention homegrown rules) are holding back the side somewhat.

“Wow. I think it’s a big year for Liverpool and I’m a bit concerned for them in a lot of ways,” the Englishman told the FIVE podcast (via rousingthekop).

“They’re relying on the same front three again.

“[Virgil] Van Dijk and [Joe] Gomez, we don’t know how they’ll recover.

“Midfield is an important part. Their midfield was based on energy, legs, intensity.”

The loss of Gini Wijnaldum on a free during the window has certainly rocked the boat at Anfield, with Jurgen Klopp now lacking a reliable option in the centre of midfield.

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The rousing performances of the likes of  Harvey Elliott, Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the middle of the park have been reassuring in the sense of reminding fans of the quality backup we have available.

However, it has to be said that carrying on with the impending campaign without a further dip into the transfer market would be taking a huge risk in light of the injury struggles of the latter pair.

We’d love nothing more than to see Keita finally showcase his sheer ability on a regular basis, week in week out, however, the sad reality is that there will be injuries in midfield at some stage of the season, as was demonstrated from the last term alone.

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  1. What a typically irrelevant and blatantly obvious non comment comment from this waste of time so called pundit.. wow is the correct reaction though lol..

    He is worried? Well matie, be worried about OGS coz if even after this massive outlay this summer he is again an also run I’m not sure where the Mancs will hide anymore.. it’s clear that Pool doesn’t have anywhere near the funds to compete against City, United or Chelsea. Period. So we have to be smarter in how we recruit and find the next Haaland or Mbappe before they are worth 100 mil! Not easy, much easy to discard Sancho for nothing and then buy him for a fortune or give up Pogba and buy him back also for a fortune.. ain’t it? Pool can barely compete in the 30mil market. Why? I Donno but perhaps the implosion of Barca may provide a reminder to all that u can’t recklessly just spend like a drunken sailor. Unfortunately for us in the UK we compete against an oil rich state and a Russian mafia boy who spend whatever they want. Once the so called FFP threat was annihilated by City the writing was on the wall and Mr Pep “we can’t buy a striker, we don’t have such monies” lol will buy his way into titles every year. Then u look at what players PSG brought in this year and ask yourself what is the purpose of even having a competition anymore: Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, Veratti, Ramos, Donnaruma… on and on.. oh and our Wijnuldum who is still trying to explain his departure as if it wasn’t all about money…ridiculous… but perfectly allowed since they too have a sugar daddy who doesn’t care about corporate finance and fairness and such… it is what it is and Pool’s goal can only be Top 4, realistically..

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