Sports lawyer gives reassuring update on likelihood of Liverpool rejoining Super League but warns it could be ‘revisited at a later date’

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Daniel Geey has claimed that it is unlikely that the nine rebel clubs, including Liverpool, that pulled out of talks to form a European Super League will go back on their decision.

The Reds reviewed their actions following a severe backlash from fans and pundits alike, with FSG owner John W. Henry issuing a public apology.

“The mutual agreement that the nine clubs made with UEFA was a voluntary one and I don’t see them going back on that despite this court ruling,” the sports lawyer was quoted as saying by the Echo. “It was a case of them saying ‘we’re sorry’ and the penalties that were put in place were agreed to and I don’t see that changing.”

That having been said, the door was left open somewhat for the possibility of the breakaway league being revisited at a later date, if the European Court of Justice.

“If there is some kind of declaration from the European Court of Justice that says that the stance taken by UEFA is contrary to EU law and that they can’t discipline the three clubs then that does re-balance that leverage,” Geey added.

“What it does is allow the project to be revisited at a later date.

“The three clubs can say ‘look, we got things wrong but if we can do this and this then the project can work’. It is very much about what happens further on down the line.

“There is no Super League with three teams, I think that is pretty obvious.

“But perhaps the next time the project comes up they make efforts to include more domestic leagues and do some things differently then maybe UEFA will have to handle things very differently.”

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We were fortunate to get out of talks to form a breakaway league with minimal punishment from UEFA.

There’s no questioning that the plans would have been incredibly harmful for domestic competition, let alone UEFA’s Champions League.

We’d like to think that Liverpool – in light of the fans’ clear and united thoughts on the matter – wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, regardless of how Real Madrid and co. dress up a second version of the Super League.

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