Explained: Why Liverpool didn’t sign anyone on deadline day

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Having seen Gini Wijnaldum depart Liverpool on a free earlier in the summer, it seemed initially likely that the recruitment team would at least secure a direct replacement.

Likewise, there were concerns further up the pitch with the forward line following the perceived drop-off in form experienced by key men Sadio Mane and Bobby Firmino last year, which prompted questions as to the need for a new attacker to freshen things up.

“It’s about the targets who we think are good enough; they need to be available and at a responsible price. And responsible doesn’t mean cheap,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying by the Echo.

“We know it’s not popular on social media but we won’t buy just to satisfy people’s irrational lust for a transfer.

“Anyone we buy in midfield needs to be good enough to get in ahead of Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago, Keita, Ox, Milner, Curtis and now Harvey.

“[We] would ask people demanding a midfield signing – how much do you think a player who’s good enough to get in ahead of these boys costs? And how readily available are they?”

The positive form of Naby Keita and Harvey Elliott in the opening stages of the season has certainly given Jurgen Klopp food for thought, potentially filling the aforementioned Wijnaldum-sized gap in the squad.

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We can absolutely understand where the club is coming from on this – what value would a panic signing potentially bring to the side?

Indeed, it was made clear from a prior presser that Klopp very much sees his midfield as possessing the numbers to effectively compete across an entire campaign.

However, that being said, we must beg the question as to why an option like Saul Nigez, who was apparently available on loan with an option to buy, was overlooked – particularly given the outgoings that have taken place.

It’s possible, of course, that after a thorough investigation by the recruitment team’s analysts the Spaniard was deemed unsuitable for our requirements.

Michael Edwards and co. are well-known, and appreciated, for their exceptionally high standards, picking apart prospective targets with a fine toothcomb.

Few can deny that their signings have worked out rather well for Liverpool and many fans would ultimately prefer a more considered approach to transfers than a gunslinging, shoot and pray mantra that has historically proven ill-advised for clubs.

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  1. What is not mentioned by this “source “ is that half of our midfield players can’t stay fit and another one is at the end of his career and isn’t considered a starter any more. That leaves Fabinho and two youngsters. Also once the acn starts we’re left with jota and firminho. We never do anything in domestic cups as squad is so weak. Clearly fsg are not interested so let’s find someone who is

  2. The problem with the lack of transfers is the fact that it was claimed that there were no spaces in the squad to buy players and when players were sold, there were then new excuses. It is obvious to me that there are no transfers because the money is being kept to pay for the new stand which will generate new funds for FSG. I am fed up with the club being run like their baseball team where they think if they win trophies now and again then that is job done and just concentrate on the profits. It seems to me that they think they only buy players when they are needed and do not understand the concept that the squad needs improving every season. FSG think this squad is good enough to keep winning but you can see the team as a whole has slowed down and we are weaker with the loss of Gini. I like that Harvey Elliott has been promoted to the first team but is a different type of player than Gini. If FSG are so business astute they should see the problems before they develop and act, not wait until we are out of the European places, adding to the misery and shambles of the fans trying to get into Anfield on matchday, another economic decision that has taken the club backwards 30 years in one fell swoop. What is going on?

  3. As long as we ‘qualify’ for the CL each season, get out of the group stage and therefore play at least one knockout round, then that suits FSG.

    The potential cost of buying players to take you from 2nd/3rd/4th to 1st in the PL isn’t covered by the increase in ‘prize money’, likewise with the CL.
    Going from playing one knockout round to winning the final isn’t worth it to them in terms of the potential cost of players to do it.

    They’re not interested in the ‘team’ winning trophies, only that the business is winning on the balance sheet.

    Abramovich and Mansour are interested in owning ‘winning’ clubs. Our owners only care about a ‘winning’ business.

  4. The chickens are coming home to roost , Klopp is defo standing down and Edwards is moving on and if that doesn’t tell you anything then keep on listening to the FSG diatribe, WE ARE FUCKED imo !!

  5. Such negative vibes! Arsenal have spent a shed load of money and won nothing. Spending big, as per MUFC will attest to, does not guarantee anything. It’s a team game and integration of “new” players can and will disrupt the squad mentality and balance.
    Keep the faith as 60% of our squad will be like new signings.


    1. You are totally wrong. Oxe, Keita, Matip, Thiago & Henderson are all injury prone, especaially with our pressing game. We only have Jotta as a replacement for the 3 forwards, & we cannot guarentee that Gomez & VVD will last a run of games. It’s a recipe for disaster, especially in January, when Keita, Mane, & Salah will be going to the African Nations Cup

  6. Liverpool will struggle all they seem to do is give players who are getting old more money Milner past it Henderson average player mana firmino dead wood salad salah won’t score over ten this season the clubs a joke wont finish in the top 4

  7. Once again all the talk is about the midfield, my major concern is about the forwards, where only one appears to be able to score goals on a regular basis. In January both Salah and Mane will be going to The African Cup Of Nations, so who will be playing upfront? Firmino, who is a great link up player, but can’t score, Origi or Minamino, who have not been deemed good enough so far this season, which leaves all the pressure on Jota. We received nearly £100m for winning the Premier League and more or less the same for the Champions League, and have bought nobody of significance since then. There will be no point in whinging in January when we can’t score goals, FSG were the saviours, and so much better than the previous owners, but appear now to be resting on their laurels.

  8. They must supposed to beef up the squard by adding striking force even additional of 2 new strikers. What is going to happen in January since Salah, Mane , Keita all their going to represent there countries gor Africa cup of Nations? We don’t know again about the injury of Firmino. This is a disaster comes January.

  9. Last season, we had a few injuries which took us from 1st place to 8th place . Luckily w3 got a good coach and specially a good players, managed to pulled thing out theirs arses …. And a keeper to keep us in the champion league . But for the owner, all they wants a winning business, they haven’t learn their lesson …. Am tired to see klopp struggling looking on the bench not much improvement, if any of our striker get injured … it will be a Deja-vu scenario again … After all this hard work the last 5 years … All am saying we are going backwards instead after all the money they wons no fxxk given ….

  10. Indeed we are not in the title race this year. And this time is by design. We have become the new Arsenal-Arsene combo.. good for ChL every year and that’s it.

    The fact that we can’t compete money wise with Chelsea and City is one thing but not even coming close to United is inexcusable.. they are also Corporate run so they should be our fair comparison funds wise.
    We ruined our last season due to threadbare squad and it shows that we learned nothing this year. Why is Origi and Minamino still in the squad if they are not trusted to play at all and we complain that we have too many foreign born, not enough funds, etc. seriously, we going to insist that we couldn’t find anyone better than those two at decent price??? How about Doku? How about half the players in England now? Common. How about Saul Niguez. We couldn’t lay a glove on Chelsea at home with one extra player for one half and they are the ones going out and still strengthening.. we think we are good? And are they suggesting that say Bissouma for 40 mil would not be excellent value in MF where we have plenty injuries always??? It is beyond sad and frustrating.
    To suggest that somehow in Jan we will be in the title race w/o Mane, Salah, Keita is ludicrous

  11. John Elliott, you are obviously not a Liverpool supporter and I’d gladly have a bet with you that Salah will score more than 10 goals this season. While we may not win the title (only time will tell), I can’t see 4 teams better than us, while all of the top teams still have their own issues, despite spending copious amounts of money on new players.

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