Cristiano Ronaldo ‘won’t put fear’ into Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, claims radio host

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Liverpool stalwart Virgil van Dijk won’t be scared of facing off against Cristiano Ronaldo this season, according to one broadcaster.

Simon Jordan, a presenter at talkSPORT, reckons Manchester United’s romantic new signing isn’t going to worry the top teams too much.

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Speaking after the summer transfer window shut, the broadcaster tipped a certain Chelsea striker to fare better than Ronaldo…

[Romelu] Lukaku,” Jordan said, after being asked who he fancies to make the biggest difference out of the Premier League’s signings.

I’m not a fan of Chelsea, but I admire [Thomas] Tuchel, I think he embodies everything a manager should be.

I think his team is quite formidable and I think Lukaku being put in that side will score 30-plus goals this season.”

It was obviously impossible to ignore the signing of Ronaldo when reviewing the summer transfer window, and the Portugal international was indeed brought up…

In the big games I don’t think Ronaldo’s going to put the fear of god into Virgil van Dijk,” Jordan said.

I don’t think Ronaldo will put the fear of god into some of these central defenders, but he will probably put the fear of god into Crystal Palace, Wolves, Brentford [and] Newcastle United.”

Honestly? We think the talkSPORT broadcaster is a little wide of the mark, which is far from a first for them.

While it’s undeniable Ronaldo isn’t the player he once was, he is still a world-class talent and will no doubt be a fresh threat when facing Man United this season.

Literally speaking, though – no, the 36-year-old won’t put “the fear of god” into van Dijk, but dismissing him like Jordan has is daft.

Virgil van Dijk and Cristiano Ronald have faced-off before
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