Liverpool supporters amongst the least critical fanbases when it comes to refereeing decisions

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Liverpool have the second-least negative fanbase when it comes to officiating decisions; the least of all Premier League outfits.

This comes from FootyStats, with the analysis site having conducted a study of supporters on Reddit’s online community – taking a look at over 56,000 posts – across the top five divisions in Europe and the 16 most popular teams within.

According to the research in question, the percentage of Reds fans expressing ‘positive sentiment’ towards referee calls is second (60.3%) only to Napoli in Serie A (100%).

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Interestingly, Manchester City fans, by contrast, were found to have the highest ‘negative sentiment post percentage’ (60.9%) of the clubs analysed.

Though we can all as fans be prone, rightly or wrongly, to overly dissecting officiating decisions, it’s pleasing to note that our fanbase tends to react more positively to in-game calls.

If anything, it’s a remarkable statistic given how the use of VAR has received a mixed reception from fanbases across the English top-flight, particularly as officials were still getting to grips with the technology over the course of the prior term.

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