“Have your argument with your director of football!” – Richard Keys calls out Klopp’s scheduling complaints

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Jurgen Klopp has long been vocal in his distaste for the scheduling of the Premier League.

Particular areas of concern have been games that follow international breaks and Champions League games.

During coverage for Qatari-owned beIN Sports, the disgraced former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys encouraged the Liverpool boss to take his issue to his Director of Football and the Premier League, instead of Watford and TV companies.

Keys, in discussion with former Everton-striker Andy Gray, said (via HITC): “The broadcasters have every right to schedule as they see fit. They have paid good money for these clubs to be able to do so.

“I am sorry, Jurgen, your problem is with the Premier League, not Watford, not the broadcasters.”

Gray replied: “That’s it, his argument shouldn’t be with Watford.”

Keys quipped: “Not at all, have your argument with your director of football! Let him take it to the Premier League.”

You can watch their discussion here, via beIN Sports:

Quite where the accusation that Klopp was blaming Watford came from is not clear; he did speak passionately with BT Sport’s Des Kelly before the Watford game when he said (via The Mirror): “It’s not that we thought ‘oh let’s see’, if we would’ve played tonight we could’ve given it [playing Allison and Fabinho] a try but we play at 12:30 so there was no chance.

“Who was it the idea to bring us at 12:30? Was it Watford?

“If you [BT] wouldn’t have said it we would’ve had to reply, ah yeah thank you for your help, really, thank you, thank you very much.”

The German has a history of speaking his thoughts on scheduling issues – always in protection of his players and in the interest of their fatigue and chances of injury.

Looking after his players’ best interests is all too often used as a stick to beat the former Mainz boss with, particularly by the headline hungry Keys, Gray and Kelly.

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  1. Look, getting a view on anything to do with Liverpool foot club from Richard Keyes is like asking Donald Trump what he thinks of Joe Biden. There is litter nothing to see here. I think the best advice would be to ignore and to stop giving this imbecile any oxygen.

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