Alexander-Arnold on which player he would take to Ibiza with him because he’s always ‘last man standing with his Diet Coke!’

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Trent Alexander-Arnold has had a terrific start to the season, with some of his defending against Atletico on Tuesday evening being key to our victory.

Enjoying some time away from the pitch, our No.66 was interviewed by OneFootball and their discussion about holidays can be watched on their YouTube Channel.

When posed with the question of which teammate he’d like to accompany him to a ‘party weekend in Ibiza’, the response was as quick as it was surprising: “It doesn’t make any sense, but I’d have to go James Milner.

“He doesn’t even sip alcohol at all but always a good person to have at a party, always last man standing with his Diet Cokes!

“Whenever we’ve had a party or a group Christmas do or anything, he’s always the last person to leave and so he’d be able to just keep going and going.”

We all knew he had an incredible engine on the pitch, but who knew he was the same at a party too.

It’s testament to James Milner’s unbelievable professionalism that he still doesn’t touch alcohol and that can only be considered a big factor for the longevity of his career.

Maybe once they’ve both retired we may be lucky enough to see the two right-footed wizards holidaying in the sun together; until then, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see much of the veteran midfielder in Ibiza!

You can watch the interview in full on YouTube via OneFootball.

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