Carragher is envious of current players who are ‘in the right place at the right time’ and would have ‘loved’ Klopp to be his manager

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Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard were both phenomenal players for Liverpool during their time with the club, but they never won a league title, which will always be something that is thrown back at them and our fans.

Though this doesn’t diminish their legacy within the club, questions of why this might have happened can still be asked and one factor is certainly the managers.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ The Overlap on YouTube, our former vice-captain was asked what difference having Jurgen Klopp instead of the likes of Roy Evans, Gerard Houllier, Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers, would have made.

Host and pundit Gary Neville got the following response from Carra: “Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and I’m not taking anything away from these players, these are the legends for what they’ve done, but sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and some of these players have won the lot with Klopp.

“I would have loved Jurgen Klopp to have been the manager [whilst Carragher was playing] and I would have loved to have been managed by him.”

There’s no question that adding the experience, leadership and nous of our former No.23, when he was in the prime of his career, to this current squad would make it stronger.

Had we had the reliability of a man who made 737 first-team appearances, the defensive issues of last season would not have been as bad.

Being in the right place at the right time is a great way to put it, as both of our Scouse heroes from the 2005 Istanbul team would have been great additions to the current squad and would have had a larger medal haul to show for it.

We are fortunate though to have been able to witness so many great teams past and present, with today’s team even being the envy of some of our most successful former players.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube, courtesy of Sky Sports.

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