Jamie Carragher quick to remind Gary Neville of his confident prediction that ‘United are going to beat Liverpool on Sunday’

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Making bold or outlandish predictions against one of your bitter rivals is always a risky move, particularly when it is done on live TV.

Gary Neville was confident enough to predict that Manchester United would beat Liverpool last Monday on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, with Jamie Carragher quick to point out his fellow pundit’s error of judgement on Twitter after our 5-0 win yesterday.

The simple use of ‘#MUNLIV 🤷‍♂️😂😂’ was all that needed to be said by our former vice-captain in his tweet:

The words of “You know Manchester United are going to beat Liverpool on Sunday and that’s a fact. And he [Carragher] knows it by the way!”, will forever be words that the former United defender will regret uttering.

Much was made of the bold prediction with a lot of supporters believing that Jurgen Klopp’s side could deliver a performance that they ultimately did on a memorable Sunday afternoon.

If you’re going to stick your neck on the line, you have to be ready to take the criticism if it goes wrong and we all know that Carra will be more than happy to embarrass his colleague.

It doesn’t seem likely that the same prediction will be made when the teams meet again at Anfield in March.

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