Liverpool fans collect food bank donations before United fans sing ‘Murderers’, ‘Always the Victim’ and ‘Sign On’ at Old Trafford

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The fact that food banks are needed in today’s society is disgusting, but the support of our fans each game is a credit to the generosity and love of our supporters.

Before every match, food collections are arranged and yesterday was no different as our supporters headed to Old Trafford, as noted in a tweet from @SFoodbanks:

Merseyside is lucky to have Fans Supporting Foodbanks who, in their own words, ‘tackle food insecurity, challenge austerity and defend our communities/class’ as they act on behalf of Spirit Of Shankly and The Blue Union.

The actions of the supporters from both Merseyside clubs ensures that some of the families in most need of support can receive food each week.

Take this juxtaposition from so many selfless and kind people in our city, to the vile groups of Manchester United supporters who took to their darkest songbook during yesterday’s game.

Countless examples were heard of the usual chants that unfortunately grace many stadiums in this country:

There will always be groups of fans that don’t represent the ethos of a club and the same brush can’t be used to tarnish a whole fanbase.

Nevertheless, to see your side get so badly beaten that the only way to try and score a point over the opposition is by singing chants such as the ones mentioned above is disgusting.

Our fans and city are often subjected to a horrific degree of abuse that should be highlighted, especially when there are examples of us donating to food banks on the same day one of our neighbouring cities sing about such subjects.

Those present yesterday did our club proud and will be the envy of all Liverpool supporters around the world for being inside Old Trafford on the day of a historic victory.

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  1. Disgusting comments but no condemnation from either club or indeed any responsible body. Big fake furore over a few guys wearing fancy dress at Newcastle but nothing about these vile chants.

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