Jordan Henderson: ‘As long as we are still talking about fighting racism, taking the knee should carry on’

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Jordan Henderson has exploded from being one of the best footballers in our team to one of the greatest role models in the country.

He is a passionate supporter of the fight for equality in the face of racism and isn’t afraid for speaking up for his teammates, as is exemplified by his interview with GQ Magazine.

The 31-year-old has shown himself to be a public advocate for fighting for what he believes is right, including his leadership in the push for Premier League players supporting the NHS.

In his interview with the men’s style magazine, our captain continued to highlight other such important issues, as he said: “For myself and the players at Liverpool, I think we are still in favour of it [taking the knee] and that it is still having an impact.

“You know, if I look at the international games that England played recently, away to Hungary and in Poland, I definitely feel it is an important statement for us to make as a team.

“It might be something that changes in the future, but as long as we are still talking about it and we are still fighting racism, it should carry on”.

It’s certainly been a divisive action in football over who should and shouldn’t be taking the knee, what it stands for and whether it is making a difference.

The fact that the players started performing the act in July 2020 and that it is still a topic of conversation over a year later shows that it is having an impact and that is why it will carry on.

Fair play to our skipper for being so passionate to continue to stand up for what he believes in.

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  1. Jordan is a very decent human being and is to be lauded for his principles. However fighting racial abuse and discrimination is a very big task. Some footballers kneeling down for a few seconds before games was a great statement but, as it is now customary, has it lost a lot of impact? It is now a routine procedure and I wonder how long it is worth continuing with it? Perhaps a different, fresh approach is needed.

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