(Video) ‘Best in the world’ Andy Robertson or ‘quality’ Kostas Tsimikas, Jurgen Klopp on the battle for Liverpool’s left-back position

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Jurgen Klopp was posed the question of whether it is time for Kostas Tsimikas to take the position of Andy Robertson, during his pre-West Ham press conference.

Speaking of a ‘nearly perfect’ performance against Atletico, the manager gave his thoughts on the left-back spot in his team as he said“Kostsas is very close because all the players on the bench are close, that’s why they are on the bench and not, not in the squad.

“Kostas has a lot of quality but what I don’t like about these type of things is what does it mean to ‘push’ Andy Robertson?

“He is doing that, but Andy Robertson, in my point of view, is probably the best left-back in the world so that makes it really tricky.

“It’s good that we have the option that we can give Robbo a rest in moments, even when he doesn’t like or need it, but when you have a quality player like Kostsas Tsimikas you have to let him free from time-to-time”.

It’s clear that our gaffer is siding with the Scottish captain but more than happy that we can bring the ‘Greek Scouser’ into the side and it will not affect the way we play or drop the performance level.

It’s a great situation for the club to be in, having two players that are so well loved and are performing so well, both playing in the same position.

Whoever is selected, we have the peace of mind that we will be strong in that area of the pitch.

You can watch the full pre-match press conference on our Facebook page, the Roberston and Tsimikas discussion comes at 2 minutes:

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