Liverpool’s revenue expected to continue to rise thanks to the success of the Nike kit deal

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Liverpool’s latest financial reports are set to be released in February but early indications point to a good year in terms of sales from our Nike products.

The Liverpool Echo have reported that they expect a year of behind closed doors football will negatively affect the overall financial success of the club, however, the kit manufacturer has performed well.

It is to be believed that the commercial revenue should keep on rising from the £217 million that was recorded in our last financial reports.

The Nike kit deal that provides the club £30 million, alongside the new Expedia sponsorship that is worth £10 million as well as AXA’s sponsorship of the Kirby training ground for £25 million, meaning that the Reds are expected to be seeing a lot of incomings through their partners.

With the 20% of each Nike sale going to the club, the sale of merchandise should be one of the biggest fundraisers ahead of the financial report in the new year.

It’s great to see that the club has performed well off the pitch, despite off the field issues, much like they did on it given the injury troubles of last season.

Long may the money train keep rolling and hopefully it can be pumped back into the first-team with some signings in January and/or the Summer.

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