(Video) ‘It’s because of what happens now’ – Jurgen Klopp on how you can’t compare past seasons to this one

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Ahead of today’s game against West Ham, Jurgen Kloppp has spoken with the media.

He has been discussing how you can’t rank this season against previous ones, not becuase of injuies or form but because each season is unique.

The German said: “Are we better than two years ago, or not? Are we worse? Neither nor, we are like we are in this situation.

“If we make a mistake it’s not because of what happened 1/2 years ago, it’s because of what happens now”.

It really is hard to compare between years, especially given the centre-back crisis that came in the last season.

We all have more than full confidence that the 54-year-old and most hang off every word he says.

It’s an important asset to not be swayed by previous events as he lives in the moment and only views our team’s performance in the context of a current season.

The good thing for us is that there isn’t a bad season under the current gaffer that we can negatively judge this season against.

Long may the former Dortmund boss be at the helm and long may the success last.

You can watch the full video courtesy of our Twitter page:

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