‘Nobody spat at a Manchester City member of staff’ – investigation into alleged spitting from Liverpool fan closed

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Manchester City accused a Liverpool supporter of spitting at a member of staff during the October draw between the two sides but the investigation has now ended.

Sky Sports News have reported that ‘nobody spat at a City member of staff as alleged‘ which is a damning conclusion to the incident.

The statement shared on behalf of our club stated that: ‘The evidence gathered was substantial and included statements from Manchester City’s backroom staff, supporters, stewards, unredacted video footage and CCTV recordings‘.

Fallout from the alleged incident overshadowed some of the aftermath to the game and the news that there was no evidence that any spitting took place will help to draw a line under it all.

If any evidence had been found it would have been damaging for the club’s image and so it is good that there was no truth behind the accusation.

Whether the individual who reported the incident was misunderstood or however they came to the apparent wrong conclusion, it is upsetting that something can become this public with no evidence.

Thankfully the matter is behind everyone now and we can move on.

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