Reactions from some Liverpool fans as calls for Alisson to be dropped circle online following his West Ham performance

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Alisson Becker was criticised by some Liverpool ‘fans’ after his performance against West Ham and now calls for him to be dropped have been shared by some.

It appears that the whole debate, or rather the universal jump to the Brazilian’s defence, has circled from a misinterpreted quote.

Ian Doyle from the Liverpool Echo wrote a piece about Sunday’s defeat that was quoted online:

To be fair to the actual comment, it does say that it would be a huge call if dropping the ‘keeper did happen and doesn’t insinuate that Jurgen Klopp would ever do so.

Nevertheless, the mention of our No.1 alongside the suggestion of him being removed from the starting line-up has caused a big reaction on Twitter.

Here’s some examples of the reaction:

This does seem to be somewhat of a storm in a teacup where a misread or not clearly written line is taken apart on the magnitude that is has been.

Everyone knows that the 29-year-old has done a lot more good than he has bad for us and that he would need to do a lot more to get dropped from the team.

Players have bad games, conceding from corners happens and he got a hand to their second goal, there’s been a lot worse performances in-between our sticks before.

As all fans know, we’re going to stick with the big man and long may he keep our sheets clean.

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  1. WTF!! The ‘so called supporters’ who are calling for Alisson to be dropped have very short memories – he has saved us so many times since his arrival.
    More concerning is that we give possession away in midfield so often that allows the opposition to break on us and exposes our back line. Cut out the flicks and back heels that look good if they come off but are high risk and lose possession and we will be back on track very soon. YNWA

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