(Video) Match of the Day put four Liverpool defeats in top 10 Premier League upsets in the competition’s history

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Match of the Day Top 10 is a series on the BBC that rates famous moments, mainly in the Premier League, against each other.

Hosts Gary Lineker, Micah Richards and Alan Shearer had to rank the competitions biggest upsets and four of the 10 games were Liverpool matches, which suggests two things.

First, we’re a big club and it’s a massive deal for anyone to beat us – especially a lower-placed team.

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Secondly, we’ve had our fair share heartache since 1992 and so this does make for some painful viewing if anyone wants to watch it back (some spoilers coming if you do!).

So, the games in questions were: Barnsley in 1997, Bradford in 2000, Crystal Palace in 2014 and Watford in 2020.

They will either be games you haven’t been able to wipe from your memory, or you’ve managed to block out of your consciousness.

One of the four finished as the eventual winner as the biggest upset ever, the 2000 victory for Bradford as they secured a great escape from relegation.

Perhaps the most painful for us would have been the loss at Selhurst Park on the season when we came so close to the title, it was decided though that this wasn’t a major upset as even with the win a league title wouldn’t have been secured.

You can watch the full episode to see the analysis of all the games, but the final standings were:

You can watch the full Match of the Day Top 10 episode via BBC iPlayer.

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