(Video) ‘That’s really not okay’ – Klopp clashes with furious journalist who claims Liverpool boss owes the continent of Africa an apology

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Jurgen Klopp engaged in an argument with a reporter following his side’s 2-0 defeat of FC Porto in the Champions League after the German was accused of disrespecting both AFCON and the African continent.

The journalist in question urged the Liverpool boss to apologise for his prior comments in which he had sarcastically referred to the African Cup of Nations as a ‘little tournament’.

The German attempted in vain to explain the ironic nature of his statement, sounding somewhat upset at how his words had been misconstrued.

It seems like a massive misunderstanding that we’re sure will get cleared up once the context behind Klopp’s words becomes clear to the journalist in question.

You can catch the clip below:

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  1. Anyway am a sports journalist from Africa. What we need from Coach is just an apology or tell us what he meant by his statement

    1. A “sports journalist from Africa” should always expand his academic skills…..
      “Irony” is when a person says something but everyone knows that the exact opposite of what is said – is true ….. mostly for the purpose of humour.
      For example you could say
      “Today wer’e playing against PSG and they have a player called Messi who nobody has ever heard of !”
      … now go back to listen to what Klopp said with this in mind – and try understand the context of what was said … and … also ask yourself
      Would a Manager have really meant your original interpretation when his two most consistent and dependable strikers whose skills he’s spent developing to rank in the best in the world ?

      1. People don’t seem to get or don’t seem to want to get irony. Klopp is looking at losing Mane and Salah for an extended period and feeling rather concerned.

        Among the many things we seem to have lost in the last few years is the ability to not jump down everyone’s throats so as to seem virtuous and accuse others of being horrible.

        I rather imagine Klopp has a lot of respect for the talent that will play in the ACN tournament.

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