(Video) Watch as 200 kilos of Liverpool FC branded cocaine is seized by police in Paraguay

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In what may be one of the strangest Liverpool related stories you’ll see, some LFC branded cocaine has been seized in Paraguay.

Prensa Amambay have reported about a large seizure of cocaine in Paraguay where the drugs are packaged in a remake of our badge.

In a tweet that describes the event, it said: ‘Seizure of a large shipment of cocaine during a house raid in the Mariscal Estigarribia neighborhood of Pedro Juan Caballero’.


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The video released on the YouTube page illustrates the huge amount of cocaine that was taken by the police as well as some ammunition.

In an attempt to brand the produce, our club crest has been redesigned to read: ‘Ismael Montes, L&L Football Club, Est. 2021’.

Don’t really know what to say about this one, a representation that we’re so popular even Paraguayan drug dealers recognise our badge?

Whatever the case, good to see it’s off the street and out of harms way.

Maybe if they go for an Everton badge next time less people will be aware of what it is so they might be able to keep hold of it for longer!

You can watch the video via Prensa Amambay on YouTube:

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