(Image) ’39’ and ‘Scabrats’ – Vile graffiti from some Everton fans found at Anfield ahead of Merseyside derby

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Some Everton supporters took to Anfield to deface the Champions Wall and behind the Shankly statue, ahead of the Merseyside Derby.

Using blue spray paint, the word ‘scabrats‘ was written over the fan mosaic at the stadium, this is possibly the most upsetting to Liverpool supporters as there are many images of deceased friends and family members on the wall.

Behind the statue of Bill Shankly, the number 39 has been sprayed onto the wall which is a reference to the number of supporters that were killed at Heysel in 1985.

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Then, there is ‘EFC 1878‘ sprayed underneath a crest in the stadium, to complete the vandalism.

It’s important to say this doesn’t represent the blue half of the city and there will be many of their own supporters upset with the actions of the individual(s) responsible for this act.

However; it’s important to point it out as we need to remember that any acts like this reflect badly on a football club and their fan-base, whichever team’s fans are responsible.

The days of both sets of supporters wanting the other side to win and chanting ‘Merseyside‘, seem to have long gone.

Now everything seems a lot more personal and hateful, in what used to be called the ‘Friendly Derby’.

You can view the vandalism via @AnythingLFC_ on Twitter:

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