(Video) “We both played for a fantastic club” – Graeme Souness on the similarities between his and Steven Gerrard’s career

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When both of their careers are analysed, there are a lot of similarities between Steven Gerrard and Graeme Souness.

Ahead of our former No.8’s Aston Villa side facing Leicester City, the 68-year-old was asked if he though there was any resemblance between both of them.

He said: “No, not really, other than: we both played for a fantastic football club Liverpool, we were both captains there, his first job was Rangers as it was for me.

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“I don’t see too many comparisons, he’s English and I’m Scottish!”

The man who won five league titles and three European Cups with the Reds didn’t seem too convinced that there was a case to be made here.

However, for him to be a phenomenally successful player and captain of Liverpool and then take his first managerial job at Rangers, there is certainly a likeness.

The Scot’s second job was in the Anfield hot seat and had the former LA Galaxy man been available when our club was at a similar standing to what it was in 1991, when Souness took the job, then it easily could have been Gerrard given the chance at that time.

It’s unlikely the two are in contact but there is certainly a lot they could discuss and help each other with.

You can watch Souness on Gerrard, courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily):

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