(Video) Jamie Carragher shares text with Morton and waxes lyrical over his Champions League San Siro performance

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Jamie Carragher was full of praise for Tyler Morton following his second Champions League start of the season.

The 43-year-old discussed how he only had one chance to play in the San Siro and it was a huge moment for his career but our No.80 just took it in his stride.

The 19-year-old was in the same youth team as our former defender’s son and so he is in contact with several members of the family, which he shared that he had texted during his post-match analysis last night.

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He said: “When he’s come on the team sheet as starting I’ve said ‘Wow, delighted for you and the family’ [the reply said] ‘Wow, can’t believe it, thank you’. So, that’s his Dad.

“My son was at Liverpool, they go in really young now aged six, so they go in and I’ve watched that group of players, there was another lad on the bench James Norris who never came on, so I’ve seen them all come right through the system and they’re at the age now 18/19 where they have to make their name in the game.

“I thought Tyler Morton was outstanding in midfield, he was fantastic, for a teenage player, playing for Liverpool who are one of the biggest clubs in European football and your home town club, in the San Siro – the San Siro is one of the those, I played there only once at it was in my late twenties and for me it was ‘This is amazing, this is unbelievable’, he’s only 18/19.

“To play in a game where they’ve won, not just play, and put in the performance he did and I’m delighted for him and the family.

It’s great that Carra has such a personal connection with the youngster and his family and he must feel even more proud than most other supporters to do at the moment for how well the Wirral-born lad has performed.

He certainly did everyone proud and we hope there’s plenty more opportunities for him to impress Jurgen Klopp, in the future.

You can watch the video of Carragher via @CBSSportsGolazo:

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