(Video) “This is my point of view” – Mo Salah gives his thoughts on COVID vaccinations and his teammates reaction to testing positive

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Mo Salah gathered a lot of headlines after he tested positive for COVID last November, when he returned from his brother’s wedding in Egypt.

The Egyptian has been speaking with his native press, as shared by Reddit user u/HarryPi,and was asked about his teammates reaction to him testing positive and what his thoughts are on the vaccine.

Such is his role within his home nation, out No.11’s voice would be a very powerful one for or against anything and particularly such a contentious issue as this one.

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Speaking about the squad’s reaction, he said: “Not really a problem, but they commented on me getting it at a wedding party. The people considered that it was my brother’s wedding and he won’t get married every day, I hope he doesn’t get married every day!

“They didn’t go beyond that, these things are in the dressing room and I can’t talk about them but it wasn’t a disaster.

The 29-year-old was then asked if he was a supporter of the vaccine being used and replied: “Yes I am, they’re doctors and people working with medicine for a long time, working with it for years and if I say it’s wrong I’d just be like anyone else in the street who tries to tell me I pass the ball wrong!

“The WHO (World Health Organisation) said so, so we need to follow them, this is my point of view”.

It’s proven to be a rather divisive topic discussing the use of a vaccine and it’s good to see that the former Roma man isn’t afraid of speaking out for what he believes in.

It very much tows the club line of vaccination, following the use of Anfield as a vaccination centre and the public message of support by Jurgen Klopp saying that nearly the whole club is fully vaccinated.

You can watch the video of Salah’s COVID vaccine opinions via u/HarryPi on Reddit:

Salah on the COVID vaccine: “They are doctors who have been working and studying medicine for years. If I said this is wrong then I’m like anyone on the street who would correct my way of playing. The doctors and WHO said so, so we must follow them.” from LiverpoolFC

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