Liverpool to strike ‘new partnerships’ as FSG set to add another club to their franchise

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Finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley has predicted that Liverpool may now be able to agree ‘new partnerships’ after their owners Fenway Sports Group agreed on a deal to take over American Hockey team Pittsburgh Penguins.

FSG, who currently own the Premier League side and American Baseball outfit Boston Red Sox, are waiting for approval from the NHL’s Board of Governers before the takeover can be fully confirmed.

“There might be something longer term in regards to new partnerships,” Plumley told Football Insider.

“This is not a multi-club model of ownership, it is a multi-sport model of ownership. FSG have got a portfolio of sports teams across different sports.

“The Penguins addition to that makes sense from a financial point of view. They are a strong team to add to their list. They consistently make the playoffs. They are a valuable NHL franchise. They are the most watched on TV in the States. In their sport, they are a big deal. It makes sense for FSG.

“In terms of a direct impact on Liverpool, I think there will be new partnerships in the future. We could see partnerships linked between all of the franchises that FSG own.

“It is difficult to see a direct short-term impact but over time I think there might be movement in that space.”

Although Jurgen Klopp’s side may not benefit immediately from the new deal, it is pleasing to see that the American owners are thinking long term to ensure a bright future for the club.

The owners have received some criticism over the years for some of the questionable decisions they have made and the fact that they’ve arguably adopted a ‘sell first buy second’ transfer strategy.

But a lot of credit must be paid to them – they have made significant improvements to our stadium and their latest purchase indicates that they are looking to benefit the club in the long term.

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