(Video) “Cash actually played the ball” – Dermot Gallagher and Stephen Warnock clash over Andy Robertson penalty decision

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Stephen Warnock and Dermot Gallagher had very different opinions on the possible penalty decision that was not given on Andy Robertson against Aston Villa.

Just to mix it up a bit, Dermot Gallagher, the referee in the studio agreed with the on-field official’s decision and it was down to the former Liverpool defender to appeal the claim.

The disagreement came after the comment that Marcos Alonso deserved to have a penalty given against him, despite Danny James not being in control of the ball when the foul was made.

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The former Blackburn left-back then said that the decision to not give a pen for our No.26 was because he didn’t have control of the ball and didn’t understand the difference.

This lead to a debate between the two and here’s the full encounter:

SW “You’ve just said about Andrew Robertson not being in control of the ball but neither has he [Danny James].”

DG “No, with Robertson it’s gone away but in that occasion [Chelsea vs. Leeds] and when I watched that on Saturday I actually thought that was a really good tackle by Alonso but when you watch it you can see he [Danny James] actually gets there first and he puts the ball between his [Marcos Alonso] legs and gets clattered.”

SW “But he’s [Danny James] not in control of the ball is he? Just going back to the Robertson one a little bit to say that … you’re saying he has to be in control of the ball.”

DG “No, well I thought Cash actually played the ball because of where the ball went and because of the angle of the ball.”

SW “Did you? Well you see, I didn’t”.

Whether or not the disagreement can be centred on who had control of the ball, it is also a separate claim to say that the Villa defender also won the tackle against the Scotland captain.

Thankfully, we won the game and this decision didn’t have too much impact on the final outcome – otherwise these arguments could have been rumbling on for days.

You can watch the debate amongst the pair courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily):

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  1. Typical Dermot Gallagher – Will never go against the Ref’s. Robbo was fouled, the rule has nothing to do with being in control of the ball.
    As for Danny Ings, Before any thing, he fouls Joel Matip with a shove in the back so that point is moot. Agree with Stan Collymore – need to have more ex-pro’s becoming Ref’s.

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