Why Liverpool couldn’t face Villarreal in the Champions League draw and a third draw (hopefully) won’t be needed

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There was a lot of confusion following the unprecedented redraw for the Champions League round of 16 and many thought it would have to be completed on a third occasion.

With three teams remaining, Villarreal were drawn and the only remaining top seeded sides were Real Madrid, Juventus and ourselves and the Spanish side were to be followed by Inter Milan and PSG as other potential opponents for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

As that was the case, many fans would have been thinking that Unai Emery’s team were the best case scenario but when the UEFA officials confirmed we couldn’t play them there was a lot of confusion.

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Ordinarily everyone would trust the super computer working out the fixtures but given the fact we were in the midst of a redraw after the previous mistake, many were questioning the legitimacy of draw number two.

However, the reason for us not being able to face the ‘yellow submarine’ was that if we had been drawn against Villarreal then Inter Milan would have had to face Juventus or Real Madrid.

That would have been impossible as Madrid were in Inter’s group and Juventus are from the same country, which is why we couldn’t have faced Villarreal as there was no alternative team for Inter Milan to play except for us.

It didn’t stop this being another tense moment and filling supporters everywhere with dread in the thought of a third draw taking place.

Let’s hope for two things in the quarter-final draw: that we’ve qualified for it and that it’s a lot more straight forward than this one!

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