Reaction to disturbing video that appears to show attempt of stealing from Hillsborough Memorial at Anfield in explicit clip

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There was a disturbing video shared online that appeared to show two individuals being apprehended after they had attempted to steal items from the Hillsborough Memorial at Anfield.

You can watch the video via @GabrielShoo on Twitter:

Online reaction to the above video meant that the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance released a statement in response to watching the incident, which they shared on their Twitter account:

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This is obviously a highly emotive incident and quite rightly angered a lot of Liverpool supporters (as well as most people who had seen the video) who were outraged with the clip.

Some people have taken to their own social media to share their opinions online (there are some highly explicit reactions shared below):

It should also be mentioned that there has since been an update from Merseyside Police who have reported that no items were taken but certainly haven’t ruled out that the motives behind whatever happened before the video began, was to remove items from the memorial:

There is nothing shown in the video that suggests any crime has been committed and so there’s only so much that can be reported.

Nevertheless; due to the reaction of the individual recording and for the police and Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance to also comment, it does appear something may have been attempted to be stolen, hence the volatile reactions online.

We hope that if any crimes have been committed then the perpetrators are correctly punished, most of all though that the families and survivors of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster are not too distressed by the news.

The Hillsborough Memorial is an area of the stadium that deserves respect and anyone acting otherwise doesn’t represent the values of our football club or city.

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