“We do what we can” – Jurgen Klopp on fighting COVID, booster jabs and abiding by new measures

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Jurgen Klopp faced the media ahead of the upcoming game against Newcastle United and he was asked about the new COVID measures that have been introduced across the nation.

Vaccination passports will now be needed before entry to any stadium and there will be a push to get the whole nation vaccinated with a further booster jab, before the end of the year.

There’s a lot of change amidst rising cases in and out of football and so it was a hot topic of conversation for our boss during his press conference.

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The 54-year-old said: “We get tested every day and before the games PCR tested – it’s absolutely fine. So how it is in these times, I’m here earlier in the training ground than most of the players.

“It means we get tested before we arrive, go then back to the cars and when the lateral flow is negative, then we are allowed in the training ground. Yesterday we were all negative and we hope that’s the case for today. That’s it pretty much.

“We are, like the whole world, concerned about it, absolutely. But we do what we can and the vaccination status of the team is quite good – I think we got all boostered who are eligible to get boostered.

“For some medical reasons, some were not allowed in that moment but they will be done in the next few days and the rest got the booster a few days ago, and hopefully we can do it with the whole team. 

It’s great to have a leader in our club that is so outspoken and passionate in his beliefs, so much so that he’s not afraid to share them to the nation’s media.

Having a squad full of vaccinated and boosted players, should mean that we have less chance of any absences due to COVID and that may be a major help on the pitch.

Seeing the issues with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, we should be grateful that the club has such a strong position on this and that the players are all on board too.

You can watch two clips from the press conference where Klopp discusses new COVID measures, via our Twitter account @empireofthekop:

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