(Image) Shankly’s boys’ reunion as eight players signed in his first year at Anfield, meet up in the Shankly Hotel

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Bill Shankly is synonymous with Liverpool Football Club and the meeting of eight former players illustrates how his legacy still lives on today.

The Scot joined the club in 1959 and the group of lads that were signed in his first year have an annual meeting, where they discuss their memories of the great man.

It’s very apt that they can now hold these meetings inside the Shankly Hotel in the city centre and there could be no better place for them to gather every year.

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Sat around the table in their latest meeting was: George Scott, John Bennett, Grant McCullogh, Bobby Roach, John Stewart, John Sealey, Pat Kinsella, Joe Parsley and Gordon Wallace.

Most of the men around the table would have been in their young teens when they first signed for the club 62 years ago but now have a lifetime of memories together, inside and outside of the city.

How great would it have been to be able to hear their stories about our club and one of the most influential men to ever grace it.

You can view the picture via George Scott’s Twitter account @lostshanklyboy1:

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