(Video) “That’s a broken leg” – Klopp was in disbelief that Harry Kane was not sent off for a possible leg breaking tackle on Robertson

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Jurgen Klopp was not happy that Harry Kane evaded a red card for his forceful and dangerous challenge on Andy Robertson.

It certainly seemed out of control and the lack of a serious watching of replays from any of the officials, was baffling.

Our boss thought that the Scottish captain was lucky to not sustain a broken leg from the tackle and was very upset with the Spurs striker remaining on the pitch.

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The German said: “That’s definitely a red card, no doubt about that.

“Some people will say his [Robertson’s] leg is in the air, but that is a complete coincidence and I don’t care, Harry can not judge that and if Robbo’s leg is on the ground – that’s a broken leg, there’s no doubt about that.

“We have a VAR official sitting there and he is thinking: ‘We’ll look again at the Robertson situation [his later red card]’ and that is fine, that’s what he’s there for – but what did he do in that situation [Kane on Robertson]”.

There was very little time spent checking the challenge from the England captain but the referee and the VAR officials spent plenty of time on the Scottish captain’s tackle.

The right decision was two red cards to be given but we were not afforded the same amount of time for both challenges and lost out on both that and the Diogo Jota penalty decision.

We all ask for consistency and fairness and it didn’t feel like that happened during this match.

You can watch Klopp’s thoughts on Kane’s tackle courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily):

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