(Video) “What’s the point of VAR” – Jamie Carragher gives his thoughts on terrible refereeing decisions in the Premier League

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Jamie Carragher commented on two major refereeing faux pas as Diogo Jota’s penalty and Harry Kane’s red card were missed by the referees.

Our former defender commented on the failures for the correct decisions to be given during the game and pointed to the problem being with those in charge of the game and VAR, not the rules themselves.

It seemed clear upon one or two replays what the decisions should have been but these were somehow missed and our former No.23 had his say.

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The 43-year-old said: “The decisions that went against Liverpool, in terms of a penalty that was a blatant penalty and Harry Kane should have been sent off, there’s no doubt about that.

“We’re in a position now with VAR where, a couple of years ago we were all frustrated with it … we’ve come to a point where you also think what’s the point of VAR in these decisions.

“People complain about VAR, it’s not VAR it’s the people who are controlling VAR that are not good enough”.

It’s safe to say that there are far too many refereeing errors, even with the help of video replays.

In a league full of foreign stars that are hand-picked from around the world for their ability above that of homegrown talent, why are we still using English officials in every single position available?

Those available are not fit for their position and it’s time the net was broadened in selecting those officiating the biggest games, in the biggest league in the world.

You can watch Carragher’s VAR opinions courtesy of Sky Sports:

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