Redknapp points to one factor that may have stopped Harry Kane from seeing red for brutal Robertson tackle

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Jamie Redknapp has suggested that Harry Kane’s status as England captain may have swayed the decision to only award a yellow card for his tackle on Andy Robertson.

The 28-year-old attracted controversy with a challenge that Jurgen Klopp insisted could have broken the Scottish international’s leg had it remained planted on the turf.

“Red card. I think he’s reckless and out of control, I think he just scored the crowd were up, fever pitch,” the former midfielder told Sky Sports (via “When you go in for a challenge, I think I’ve seen players sent off for a lot less than that, sometimes the reputation of being England captain does help you because that is a really late challenge.”

With VAR and its many angles available, it was supremely difficult for the German to come to terms with how the England international had been allowed to remain on the pitch.

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Whilst we wouldn’t like to draw conclusions about the influence of Kane’s international captaincy, we can acknowledge that it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility for it to have factored into the officials’ decision-making – though we’d expect it not to for a professional referee.

Regardless, there’s simply no excuse good enough to overlook the final decision; one can argue that Paul Tierney could be forgiven for a potentially obstructed view but VAR can hardly get away with the same explanation.

We’ll be hoping for a thorough review of the decision-making of the Englishman and his team at Stockley Park, though we’d expect Klopp to receive the brunt of any punishment for his post-match comments.

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  1. well, well, well! to me the explanation is simple. Either Kayne is protected because of his captaincy of England, just like Pickfort because he is goalkeeper of England when he recklessly tackled and injured Van Dijk, or some powers at be prefers Manchester city to win the premier league. Don’t forget the arabs impact on oil. Unless Man City and later Newcastle play in middle eastern leagues in the future, the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, might not even smell the premier league trophy, let alone win it. This is more than inconsistency, it is pure bias and preferential treatment. Shame!

  2. Dermot Gallagher says that because Kane’s foot is not high, that is what saves him. In other words, if he breaks Robbo’s ankle that is okay. Only if he damages his knee is it a red card. That begs the question, why was Pickford not red-carded then. I will tell you why – The England captain and g’keeper are above the law and the ref’s and ex ref’s for the most part stick together like flies on cow dung. The law is there for a reason and a red card is a red card, whether you are the PM, captain of England, captain of Scotland OR Chief of Referees. Therein lies the problem because who brings to book those ref’s that have a shocking game. Hope Tierney loses his pay packet ’cause he did not earn it – bell-end.

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