(Video) Harry Kane was right not be sent off because Andy Robertson’s feet were too high when he was tackled – Dermot Gallagher

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There has been plenty of fallout since the game with Tottenham Hotspur and somehow there is a debate on the Harry Kane red card.

England’s captain went into a tackle with Andy Robertson in an erratic and out-of-control manner but former referee Dermot Gallagher has said that he has some understanding of why it wasn’t given.

It does often appear that whenever a former referee gives their opinion on a current one, they always seem to have the back of the man with a shared profession.

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In this instance, the 64-year-old said: “The only reason the referee kept him on the field is the height of the [Robertson’s] boot.

“Speed, intensity and distance come, it [Kane’s challenge] ticks a lot of the boxes [for a red card], I think he’s [Kane] got lucky.

“The only thing that has kept him on the field is that the referee has seen the height of the [Robertson’s] boot.

“The referees are coached to look at how high the boot is and that, I think, is the only reason Kane stays on the pitch and I think he’s got very lucky”.

In this ludicrous statement the decision is backed up because our No.26’s foot was off the ground and that means there’s reason not to give a red card.

Quite how that makes any difference is baffling, the Scottish captain was sent off for a dangerous challenge that fully deserved a dismissal but it appears it would haven’t seen him dismissed if the Spurs defender’s feet were off the ground.

If the ‘speed, intensity and distance’ are all dangerous enough for a red card, then England’s No.9 should have been off the pitch and the defence of him either means the rules or the protection of the referees are ridiculous.

In truth, it’s probably both.

You can watch the reaction to Kane’s red card courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily):

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  1. Kermit Gallagher needs to change optometrists and go for logic lessons. So it is only if Kane goes higher is it a red card. Answer this then Kermit Gallagher, why did Pickford not get sent off for the damage on VVD’s knee. Your logic is about as useful as Boris Johnson. So it is okay to try and break Robbo’s ankle (sorry Kane got the ball first🤮🤮🍌🍌💩💩) but not his knee.

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