Klopp accused of taking mind games too far as talkSPORT host calls for Liverpool boss ‘to be reined in a bit’

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Jurgen Klopp has been accused by Simon Jordan of ‘pushing the envelope’ when it comes to asserting himself in the technical area and beyond following his antics in Liverpool’s 2-2 Tottenham draw.

The then furious German had confronted Paul Tierney after the game following some dubious officiating calls that took place in the English capital.

“I think Klopp is getting into a territory where his observations, his outlook, his disposition are invoking reactions in people like Mikel Arteta, where they feel that they need to get back into the situation where they can control what’s going on because Klopp is such a powerful influence,” the talkSPORT host mentioned on the programme (via the Express).

“I like it in one respect but I was watching the game and thought to myself ‘you’re getting a bit carried away with yourself, you’re getting a bit too much latitude.’

“I just watch him and think he needs to be reined in a bit. I just think he’s pushing the envelope and he’s asserting his personality over people in a way that I think should be managed a little bit differently.”

The 54-year-old has yet to receive any form of punishment for his actions, with the quality of the referee and his team at Stockley Park’s officiating thus far apparently escaping investigation.

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Whilst Klopp can certainly be accused of reacting emotionally to what he perceives to be unjust decisions, it’s difficult to identify specific moments where the German has taken things too far.

Coming up against Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, a clash between both managers followed from the former Mainz boss’ outrage at Sadio Mane’s treatment (within the context of poor protection for the Senegalese in weeks preceding).

Most recently, against Tottenham, our manager certainly had every right to be furious with the officiating team for a total lack of consistency in its officiating of the game.

Generally speaking, Klopp doesn’t react in such a way unless he has good reason to.

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