(Video) “I don’t even watch Portugal” – Curtis Jones attempts to wind up Diogo Jota during quiz

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Curtis Jones, James Milner and Diogo Jota were on hand to take the mick out of each other as they listed some of the most famous footballers in Portugal.

The Liverpool players starred alongside eSports star Tekkz, in a video on the club’s YouTube channel for Expedia.

The trio faced questions guessing the city, naming current footballers from a given country and then tested their reactions in the three round quiz.

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When asked to name as many Portuguese footballers as possible, our No.17 only managed four players which was much to the disgust of his Portuguese teammate.

In response to the disappointment, the Scouser said: “I don’t even watch Portugal”, followed by a wry smile as he tried to wind up his mate.

It’s good to see the lads getting along in what is an entertaining video.

You can watch the full clip of Jones and Jota (at 2:00) via Liverpool’s YouTube channel:

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