Jamie Carragher’s sarcastic tweet shows support for Jurgen Klopp amid concerns over player welfare

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Jamie Carragher has taken to his Twitter account to support Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp after the German boss stressed his bemusement at some teams having to play twice in two days.

The Liverpool boss has insisted he is a fan of the traditional Boxing Day fixtures but questioned why teams have to then play again so soon.

“The problem is, and will always be, there’s no reason for it. I have no problem with the Christmas games; Boxing Day is a wonderful game. Nobody wants to cancel that,” the former Mainz boss told Sky Sports (via the Express).

“Just 26th and 28th is absolutely impossible; it’s a joke that they still do it. [There is] no problem to play 26th and 29th.

“Where’s the problem? With the 28th not being a matchday, people can see their families. It’s still the shortest of all possible breaks, but fine. 26th and 28th is just not right, and we will say it all the time.”

The Liverpool manager vented his frustration at the fact that players’ welfare is not being considered when he spoke to reporters after the EFL Cup over Leicester on Wednesday. 

It’s hard to disagree with Klopp’s claims, there is no need to force so many games out of the players.

The stance that the German boss has adopted has seen him criticised by talkSPORT host Alan Brazil, who claimed the 54-year-old is a ‘numpty’.

It provoked a response from our former No. 23 on his Twitter account who lept to the defence of Jurgen with a sarcastic comment, saying: ‘Forget player welfare Jurgen you numpty, it’s good old British tradition! 🙃🙃’.

You can see the tweet below courtesy of Carragher’s Twitter account.

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