Liverpool legend backs Klopp’s prior comments & calls out anti-vaxxers: ‘Want to believe what some clown tells them’

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Former Liverpool striker, John Aldridge, has thrown his support behind Jurgen Klopp’s calls for footballers and the general public to pursue vaccinations.

The German had made a public plea for people to ignore the spread of disinformation as COVID cases skyrocket across the country.

I’m all for the vaccines and any conspiracy theorists reading this need to get a grip of themselves and realise that Covid is real, it’s killing people every day and a lot of those that are dying are the anti-vaxxers who want to believe what some clown tells them because he wants to get a few more subscribers to his YouTube channel,” the 63-year-old told the Sunday World.

“Well, as Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said in his media briefings last week, I’d rather believe scientists than the conspiracy theorists, so get your jabs if you haven’t had them yet.

“Most of us have done our bit by getting vaccinations and now we deserve the right to go to matches, even if we have to show we’ve had the jabs before we get into the ground.”

With the situation steadily deteriorating, as evidenced by the fact that cases have spread across Premier League outfits, including Liverpool, there’s a genuine risk that football could return to being played behind closed doors.

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Firstly, if closing off the public to football games is genuinely the only and best solution available to helping curb the tide of rising cases, it’s a solution we’d support – though certainly much rather avoid if possible.

With deaths on the rise and there being a general sense of deja vu with regard to the overwhelming of the NHS and health staff, we at the EOTK would certainly encourage fans and citizens to closely follow the advice of those in the best position to give it – the medical and scientific experts.

As political leadership continues to let down the majority, the one constant we can safely rely on is empirical evidence and genuine medical guidance.

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