Reaction to ‘Feed the Scousers’ and other disgraceful chants from Leicester City fans

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Turning over a two goal deficit and winning on pens should be the main reason for mass jubilation at Anfield but the Leicester City fans made victory all the more sweet.

The game hadn’t even started when the away end started a rendition of ‘Feed the Scousers’ in an attempt to rile the Liverpool fans inside the stadium.

As the game continued, they then started to sing about Steven Gerrard in a season where their current boss failed to win the league, ‘Champions of England, you’ll never sing that’ and a lovely rendition of ‘Wembley’ right before our equaliser.

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Instead of returning with some more distasteful chants, our supporters stayed loyal to their response of ‘F**k the Tories‘ in attempt to illustrate to the East Midlands supporters of why they’re singing that song.

People being hungry and in need of support is no slight on them, it’s an example of abhorrent ruling of the country by a failing government and our city knows that better than most.

Try and find another stadium where they wouldn’t return with a sly dig at the opposition fans and view the situation objectively, targetting the real cause of the problem.

All this is ignoring the work of the Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative where Liverpool and Everton fans collect for food banks ahead of home and away games, donating food to local food banks across the whole nation.

With our next away game being against Brendan Rodgers’ side, the reaction of our fans will be to fill their food banks and feed the people of Leicester who are in need and then we’ll continue to highlight the faults of the Tory government for putting us in a position to do this.

Maybe its time the rest of the league learned some morality and understand who deserves to have derogatory songs sung about them and who the real opposition is.

Last night was a proud night to be a Liverpool fan, for so many different reasons.

Here’s a pick of some of the best reaction from our fans, on social media:

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  1. That’s all very good but if you want to be a genuine and insightful football analyst you really have to recognise the significance of financial inequality in the Premier League. Liverpool’s revenue is six times that of Leicester’s. I’m not claiming that this financial advantage is undeserved. Liverpool is a great club. Ultimately, though, the financial advantage of the rich 6 in the Premier League is leading to a lack of fair competition. Unless it is addressed I’m afraid the case for a European Super League will be unanswerable.

  2. Tit…trying to justify the unjustifiable…dont worry as they said above we will be feeding Leicester’s kids when we visit

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