Liverpool fans donate to Leicester food banks before their fans begin ‘feed the Scousers’ chants

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Liverpool fans, as they do for every away game, collected food for Leicester food banks – before being on the receiving end of ‘feed the Scousers’ songs.

Just as they did at Anfield, the classless Leicester City fans continued to sing about hunger and poverty throughout their victory over Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Ignorant to or ignoring the fact that the supporters in the away end had collected food for the people in need in their own city, it made no difference to the hypocritical Foxes.

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Here’s some examples of our supporters providing help for those in the East Midlands:

Try and find a club that reacts to mockery over poverty by feeding the other club’s fans and singing about the government who is causing their need for food banks.

There are so many fan bases like Leicester and so few like Liverpool, we are a unique group that stands up for their morals and looks after anyone who needs it.

So many other clubs in this league ignore and forget this, with Liverpool and Everton we have a city of football fans who can put rivalries aside in order to help others.

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