More “feed the Scousers” songs heard by Leicester fans in embarrassing repeat of Anfield chants

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Leicester City fans soured their victory over Liverpool with more disgusting chants from their supporters about poverty.

People being hungry is no laughing matter and their songs of ‘feed the Scousers’ feels so out dated and ill placed in today’s climate, particularly after the reaction to the same chants at Anfield.

The same fans booed, jeered and supposedly educated during the Carabao Cup game, took less than two minutes to start their songbook of hate once again.

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Here’s an example of the reaction from some fans after hearing the deplorable chants by our opposition supporters:

In a world where Marcus Rashford is rightly applauded for his work in feeding children and young people, the same supporters congratulating him then start singing about hunger and poverty on the terraces.

Food banks are used nationwide in this country and our supporters gladly sing about those in charge who are to blame for this new norm in our life and push for change through the ‘fans supporting food banks’ initiative.

It’s a shame other teams’ fans decide to laugh in the face of this and try and use it as a rod to beat our team and city with.

A quick message to any Leicester fans, listen to what our supporters sing back to you – they’re the real enemy and where you should be focusing your ridicule.

Poverty and hunger is no laughing matter.

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