David Fairclough shares the strange vegetable related nickname he used to have, before ‘Super Sub’ came to fame

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David Fairclough is known as ‘Super Sub’ due to his ability score goals at the most opportune moments, as part of the teams in Liverpool’s halcyon days of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Speaking with The Liverpool Connection Podcast & ATX Reds Press, the former forward who played under Bob Paisley shared the story of when ‘super sub’ began and what he used to be known as before the more flattering nickname was used.

No footballer or centre-forward really wants to be know as a great substitute, they all want to be the player starting and starring for 90 minutes and the man who made 62 substitute appearances was asked if it was an unwanted name that he became known by.

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The 64-year-old said: “No really at the outset [an unwanted nickname], I had made a couple of appearances for the team and had one or two good moments.

“I think before I got called ‘super sub’, I got called ‘the bionic carrot’ amongst other things and the ‘super sub’ thing was just because they’d ran out of adjectives for the first two or three weeks I was featuring for the team”.

What a surprise that ‘the bionic carrot’ didn’t catch on quite as much as ‘super sub’!

You can listen to the full podcast here with Fairclough and the ‘bionic carrot’ comes at 18:53.

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