Reaction from some fans as Manchester City announce suspicious deal with renewable energy company

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Manchester City have announced a new partnership with a ‘renewable energy and sustainable development company‘, which has caused suspicion on social media.

Micah Richards posed alongside a sky blue shirt that was adorned with the company name, Masdar, as the partnership was announced on the club’s twitter page:

However; as some supporters have delved deeper into the deal, it has become a much scrutinised collaboration between the club and company.

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Certainly not shy of using branches of the club’s owners’ businesses as sponsors and partners to indirectly sponsor themselves and avoid certain FFP rules, many fans see this as another example of loophole searching by City Football Group.

As the news of this cooperation broke, many fans took to social media to share their concerns and upset:

Jurgen Klopp’s side have certainly shown that we can keep up with the best of teams and will continue to do so but when so many can see what is happening at the side on top of the Premier League, it should be discussed.

Our owners have to either try and keep up with the money that is being spent by the richest club in the country, or trust in our boss to keep us amongst our free-spending rivals.

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  1. Until Liverpool fans stop obsessing over Manchester City by manufacturing a twisting of ill founded opinion into their own Trump like truths they will continue to fall short competitively on the pitch.
    Manchester City successfully monetise their brand commercially and reinvest all of the trading surpluses. Do the Liverpool FC owners do the same? If they did they would have more cash to invest than Manchester City and the fans could stop whining.

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