The Hillsborough Law – what it is and how to get involved

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Following the recent push for the Hillsborough Law and for it to be introduced asap, here’s a brief explanation of what it is and why it’s making headlines.

After the success of the ITV four-part documentary ‘Anne’, it was clearly a well devised plan to launch the push for this new law to coincide with the resurfaced widespread attention to the stadium disaster that occurred in 1989.

It’s headed by politicians like Steve Rotheram, Andy Burnham and Ian Byrne as they want to provide a voice and a level playing field for ordinary people, in the face of fighting for justice against failures of the state.

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This push for a new law can help ensure that incidents such as Hillsborough won’t happen again and has been backed by Sir Kenny Dalglish and the club itself.

It’s upsetting that we would ever need a law to police the police and government but if it saves the pain and heartache that the Hillsborough families have had to endure, away from the deaths of their family members, then it is certainly worth backing.

Now it’s our duty to push for the law to be brought in and ensure no one else has to re-live this tragedy.

You can view the simplified description of the Hillsborough Law via @HillsboroughSu1:

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